Group Fitness

Excuses don’t burn calories.

Our group fitness sessions are designed for beginners to experienced fitness levels. We provide a personal training approach in a motivating and judgement-free environment. 

Price List

Unlimited Group Sesssions (per week) $35 cash
$30 direct debit*
Casual Sessions (per session) $15 cash

*Direct Debit occours a $1.35 transaction fee charged by debitor however we have no joining or cancellation fees

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Tire Flip
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Sled Push
Tire Flip
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P 3_1479778345.JPG
P 2_1479778323.JPG
P 1_1479778299.JPG
Mobility 3_1479778273.jpg
Mobility 2_1479778254.jpg
Mobility 1_1479778238.jpg
There's nothing quite like group ball slams!
Group Fitness, Carrum Downs
Some of our happy clients!
Group Fitness and Training, Carrum Downs
Group Boxing Session, Iron Hulk Fitness
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