Competition Terms and Conditions

Turn a setback into a comeback.

Terms and Conditions

Health & Safety:

  • You are aware that this is a strongman competition and the risk associated with performing such exercises.
  • You acknowledge that you do not have to perform an exercise if you do not feel comfortable
  • You agree to disclose any health conditions that may affect your performance or put yourself or others at risk prior to the competition.
  • You will not hold Iron Hulk Fitness liable for any pre-existing injuries or medical conditions, which may be exacerbated if you participate or which may affect my heart if you participate.
  • Iron Hulk Fitness may at any point stop you from continuing in the competition if they feel it is unsafe for you to do so
  • You will not hold Iron Hulk Fitness liable for any injury, loss or damage which may be sustained as a result of participating


You agree to adhere to the full rules of each event as follows:

Event 1:

  • Front points of both of the farmers walk handles must pass the 15m line before turning around.
  • All of the farmers handles must pass the 30m line.
  • Unlimited drops of the farmers handles are allowed.
  • No sliding of the handles allowed. Competitors will be given a warning first. If it continues, competitor may be disqualified
  • When carrying sandbag, both feet must pass the 15m and 30m lines before turning around.
  • Sandbag can not be carried on the shoulder or overhead.
  • No drops allowed. Once the sandbag is dropped, round ends.

Event 2:

  • Log must start on tyre. Must touch tyre between reps.
  • Can be cleaned/pressed in any way you desire, but elbows must be locked out in overhead position before the judge will issue the down command. Failure to wait for down command will result in a no rep
  • Log cannot be rested on belt
  • Equipment allowed: belt, knee sleeves/wraps, elbow sleeves, wrist wraps/straps, chalk
  • Equipment not allowed: tacky, elbow wraps

Event 3:

  • Bar must start on ground. Bar must be pulled to full lock out position (head up, shoulders back, full hip extension with feet, knees and hips in line) before down command will be issued. Bar cannot be dropped. Must
  • be lowered in a controlled manner.
  • No sumo allowed. Hitching and full strongman rules apply. Failure to wait for down command will result in a no rep
  • Equipment allowed: Belt, knee sleeves, wrist wraps/straps, chalk
  • Equipment not allowed: Deadlift/squat suit, tacky, lifting hooks

Event 4:

  • Unlimited drops of yoke allowed.
  • No dragging/sliding of yoke allowed. First occurrence competitor will be issued a warning. Subsequent dragging may result in disqualification.
  • Swings - kettlebell must be swung above shoulder height. Failure to do so will result in a no rep.
  • Equipment allowed: Belt, knee sleeves/wraps, elbow sleeves, wrist wraps, chalk.
  • Equipment not allowed: tacky, straps

Payment details:

Account Name: Simon Hollis
BSB: 083 294
ACC Number: 127864586
Cost: $50 per competitor

Payment must be made by 20th May 2017. Please leave your name as reference.

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